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"Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it"

About the Book……..

This book is about your inherent power—that internal flame you’ve either fed or stifled for most of your life. Your power is your life force and you must learn about it and honor it if you want to be a whole woman. Do you remember that essence that sparked your dreams and imagination when you were a child? The natural instinct you took for granted that quelled your fears and gave you the confidence to express the real you? By rediscovering that spark, and then maintaining the fire that grows from it, you can reclaim your power and live life on your terms. There is no reason your desires and goals should ever be beyond your grasp because, ultimately, you hold the key to your future. You can either choose to fuel your fire, or allow others to diminish the flame to a flicker, perpetuating everything that’s holding you back.

If you want to control your own life, you must learn to make your own decisions. If you want the ability to bring your purpose to the world, your first commitment must be to reclaim and protect your life force, which is your power. Women who own their power are beautiful losers in the sense that they have lost all fear of shame, embarrassment, and criticism.


They have lost all unnecessary inhibitions and concern for what other people “might think,” and they take risks they have weighed carefully because they have no choice but to honor their inner voice.

It’s every woman’s dream to find success and happiness. I am here to tell you that all things are possible—even if you are on the verge of giving up. Women who have made successful changes in their lives have had to fight. I know from experience. And by studying the lives, mindsets, and habits of empowered women, I learned just how similar we all are. Every woman has a unique story, though we’ve often been taught to keep our thoughts and opinions private. If you can break free from negative cultural messages and see yourself in a new light, you can be unstoppable. When you analyze your past and the influences that affected your development, you can learn to break patterns that are holding you back from realizing your true potential. There is a diamond in the rough that lies deep in your soul—teach it to sparkle like the precious gem it is. Once you recognize the impact your subconscious mind has, you can use your own power—in the form of intuition, faith, courage, and self-respect—to become the writer and director of your own life story. When we are given the opportunity to learn about ourselves, we turn the power on, we realize our dreams, and we pass our successes to future generations.

To all women whose hearts are aching for courage and inspiration: We need to begin sharing our pains, joys, and challenges with one other. We need to stop feeling ashamed of our experiences, no matter how awful they may seem, and we must stop judging. We need to work to discover how to command respect, from our families and spouses to our communities and colleagues. It’s only by talking, by considering, by opening our eyes, hearts and minds, that we can control our own destinies. But like everything in life, this is a decision that you have to make. Be prepared to take a journey of self-discovery and self-love, and know that ultimately, you too can create your own self-fulfilling prophecies. Adelante, mujer! You go, girl!

When searching for solutions no one gets to the core of the problem like Dr. Yasmin Davidds. The 7 Latina Principles is a great DVD collection for any women.



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