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Yasmin’s First Book…

Book Released Nov. 1, 2001

Latinas are currently the largest female minority group in the United States. Numbering over 25 million, one out of every five women in America is Latina. Unfortunately, this is also the group with the least amount of personal, political, and economic power. Because the vast majority of Latina women, regardless of age, have been taught that their cultural traditions are virtuous, and should not be questioned, most are not aware of how these very traditions limit them in virtually every aspect of their lives. In the spirit of personal empowerment, Empowering Latinas is written for these million of women who deserve to realize their full potential.

There is a great untapped talent within the Latina population. Our culture has spawned generation of strong, hard-working women who have been presented with immense life challenges both in their native countries and here in the U.S., working as maids,servants, fruit pickers, street vendors and caregivers. Latinas have also raised their own large families with meager means, and often without much support from their husbands.


If, with encouragement and guidance, Latinas were to apply their strength to their own education, professional success, personal freedom, things which many Latinas don’t even consider for themselves, their power as a group would be phenomenal. Illustrated by dramatic stories of the author’s and other Latinas’ own tragedy and triumph. “Empowering Latinas” represents years of educational and professional research. Perhaps most importantly, it is the author’s organizational involvement as a board member of HOPE (Hispanas Organized for Political Equality) and the USC Mexican American Alumni Association, her extensive national research and international involvement with Latinas and Latina issues. Also, her Masters degree in Woman Studies and her involvement with young Latinas throughout the nation gives her first hand knowledge of the quality of life and the immense potential for America’s Latinas

Throughout Empowering Latinas, issues will be tackled and examined from a perspective, which until now, Latinas have not had much access to. Reaching into Latina minds and souls, the book offers a path to empowerment. Empowering Latinas will first focus on recognizing how Latino culture has affected its women’s success, both now and historically, and then it will demonstrate how, step-by-step, Latinas can use their innate power to begin fulfilling their personal dreams. Learning how to develop realistic hopes and goals, embracing a faith which provides comfort, not fear, and incorporating powerful affirmation skills into daily life are key concepts.

When searching for solutions no one gets to the core of the problem like Dr. Yasmin Davidds. The 7 Latina Principles is a great DVD collection for any women.



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