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"Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it"

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About the Cd's…..


How does a Latina, regardless of her age or circumstances, deal with grief, shame, guilt, and fear? Where does a Latina turn when she feels unsatisfied, even desperate, over her life choices and the influence her family and culture have over her? Who does she turn to?

Yasmin Davidds , an extraordinary teacher, mentor, and devotee of her Latina sisters, has written The Latina Seven Principles to teach Latinas to love themselves, to trust themselves, and to find the strength to make crucial life decisions. With this system Yasmin reaches out to Latinas all over the world in an effort to promote strength, self-love, and individual power to the millions of women who are seeking emotional sustenance.

The Seven Principles not only explains how and why Latinas have suffered emotional and personal crises, it offers powerful and life-enhancing exercises and stories, developed to help Latinas discover their true selves, and to embrace the power they possess, simply by existing.


Women, regardless of their ethnicity or country of origin, will find life-changing, life-enhancing words and lessons in this first-of-its-kind workbook. With Yasmin as a guide, women all over the world will find reassurance, guidance, strength, and the will to make themselves whole—and then to take their rightful place as leaders.

The product includes: 7 CDs: each CD is 45-60 minutes and dedicated to each one of the 7 Principles with relevant exercises. A Workbook full with interesting exercises as well as related content.

1: Taking Personal Responsibility for your Life

The most important lesson I learned from my father is that we are all responsible for our own lives. Self-reliance and freedom from emotional dependency are goals we must all reach for. We all have a personal responsibility to learn to be whole people, to be emotionally and spiritually nourished, to question rules and beliefs that make no sense, and to embrace life and all it has to offer. This is the most important principle we must learn.

2: Knowing and Loving the Essence of Your True Self

What is self-worth? How do you define self-love? My many focus groups demonstrated to me that Latinas can't love themselves until they truly know who they are. Self-love is not something you acquire from the outside world, it is the very essence of your being. Without traditional role models, Latinas have suffered a lack of guidance when it comes to self-love. This chapter helps and guides you to reach the core of your soul by walking you through the most breakthrough experience of your life.

3: Seeing is Believing — Believe in Yourself

We are all plagued by the idea of what we "ought to be." Latinas, especially, are influenced by cultural and familial expectations which many times result in negative messages. Self-imposed shame and guilt are just two of the many negative messages Latinas have traditionally received while growing up. Tragically, all of these negative messages have played a role in creating who we are and how we act. This chapter focuses on replacing the harmful, self-defeating beliefs with positive, soul-enhancing beliefs.

4: Live in Truth — No More Secrets, No More Shame

Finding help in healing shame is the focus of this chapter, and I identify non-judgmental listeners as key in finding help. Exercises focus on identifying the root causes of shame, learning to forgive, and finding hope and acceptance through sharing.

5: Guilt is a Game You Can Choose Not to Play

Refusing to surrender to guilt is something all Latinas must learn to do. Family members, friends, co-workers, and bosses can all affect us by playing the guilt game. Our choices are our own. This chapter provides you with step by step instructions on how to deal with the guilt others plae on us for a variety of reasons.

6: Respeto — You Deserve it, Too

Expecting, indeed demanding, respect is something most Latinas are not accustomed to. Particularly as regards our elders, Latinas have been raised to believe that they must accept anything said about them, with no recourse whatsoever. Expressing how we feel to someone, regardless of whether they are our elders, our bosses, or anyone else, is not disrespectful—it is when we don't speak up that we are showing disrespect—to ourselves. Exercises focus on learning to establish boundaries, and to stick by them, no matter what.


When searching for solutions no one gets to the core of the problem like Dr. Yasmin Davidds. The 7 Latina Principles is a great DVD collection for any women.



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